Corporate Worship at Redemption

Photo from Lifeways

Photo from Lifeways


Worship in churches has unfortunately become very subjective, personal, and entertainment-driven. It is a performance that strives to drive emotions while plays down the importance of deep and grand theological focus on Christ. While understanding the importance of a personal relationship with God and how it should change our affections, we strive to achieve those goals in a different way. The following principles guide our Sunday worship philosophy.


Make God big and man small. We sing songs that in music and lyrics reflect an attitude of reverence to God, a trust in His kind providence, praise for His greatness and love and gratefulness for salvation.

Theologically sound

We sing what we believe. It becomes the grammar of our life. We want to sing songs that help the word of Christ dwell in us richly.


The Catholics sung liturgy that few could understand. The Reformers reintroduced hymns so that all God's people could praise Him. Church music should not be a performance by a few people but a unified act of worship. Lights are on and instruments are in the background as we share in the worship as a family of redeemed brothers and sisters.

Easy to sing

All ages must be able to sing the song. Melodies based on folk music are easiest to grasp. Words that reflect our common speech are most impactful.

Neither all old or all new

The age of the music does not make it good or bad, but it's theological correctness and ability to be learned and embraced and easily sung. It's not converting people to a hymn but confirming them in rich theological truth.