What We Believe

At Redemption City Church we delight in the sovereign work of God in every detail of nature and the course of human events as revealed in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Sometimes these doctrines are called the Doctrines of Grace, Reformed theology, or Calvinism. To many this strikes up in their hearts confusion, even anger or frustration. We strive to be a church that delights in these doctrines in such a way that throws all of your fears out the door. We believe reformed doctrines demand responsible action because by God's grace in Christ we are made to be loving like him, passionate for people like him, and bold to proclaim his name among the nations.

We are also baptistic in our church function. We believe the local church practicing its ordinances represents the universal church. Baptism is the entry sign into the covenant community and the Lord's Supper is the covenant renewal ceremony for the community members. Every time we engage in these means of grace we are privileged to join in the universal truths that all Christians have participated in.

Have any questions about our statement of faith? Please contact us and set up a time to have a conversation. One of our favorite things to do as pastors is meet over coffee or lunch and talk about Jesus.


Congregational Affirmation of Faith

As a Southern Baptist Church we agree with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 as our standard for covenant membership. We believe these are representative of the basic doctrines of the Christian faith held by faithful baptists of various stripes. All members of Redemption City Church embrace these doctrines.

Baptist Faith and Message 2000


Elder Affirmation of Faith

Our vision and values emphasizes doctrines taught in the Reformation. The preaching and teaching of the church accords with many of the historic confessions of faith emphasizing the sovereignty of God in all things such as the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith, the New Hampshire Confession of Faith, and the Westminster Confession of Faith.

All elders agree with the doctrines and principles taught in our Elder Affirmation of Faith. Though one must not affirm every detail in this confession to become a member at Redemption City Church these are the doctrines that the elders of Redemption City Church will adhere to for the teaching, preaching, counseling, praying,  and missions work in the church.

Elder Affirmation of Faith