Ministries at Redemption

Ephesians 4:11-12 - " And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ,"

One of our distinctives at Redemption City Church is not to be program-driven, but people-filled-by-the-Spirit-driven. That means that we don't decide which ministry programs we are going to have and then fill them with volunteers. We don't shove square-peg servants into round-hole ministries. We don't hold onto a program long after it loses its effectiveness or nobody feels called to support it.

Instead we choose to empower all of God's people for the type of ministry God has called them to. All who believe in Jesus have his Spirit dwelling in them giving them unique abilities and guiding them to special circumstances for serving others to grow his church in size and holiness. So we ask every single member how God has shaped them through circumstances, desires, and relationships to give their lives in service to God's mission. 

Then our ministry structure simply takes on the form of the spiritual gifts and callings of the people we have in our body. If someone sees a need for a ministry that would align with our values, we will do what we can to train and equip him or her to put that desire to work. Many people will shop for a church looking for a set of ministries that will serve their families. But we have turned that on its head. Come to Redemption City Church so that your family can serve where we are lacking ministry.


Community Groups

We do not believe being a Christian is simply a "personal relationship with Jesus" but also a corporate relationship with him. We are in this together. We are his body. We are his temple. We are his family. The primary emphasis of our ministry outside of Sunday worship and training is simply being together in community, caring for each other, playing together, studying the word and praying together. This happens organically flowing out of the regular gathering of Community Groups who share meals, pray, and dig into God's unsearchable riches.

Sunday School

God calls pastors not to do the work of the ministry, but to train others for the work of the ministry. This training happens through deliberate feeding of the sheep the bread of life (Christ through the Word). Our Sunday gatherings are not intended to be an invitation to seekers, but at that time we worship together as a blood-bought family and receive training as servants being sent out into the world. Through children's and adult Sunday School classes we aim to model and teach the saints how to understand and handle the word to faithfully apply it to their own witness in the world.




Our worship in music on Sundays is again driven by the gifts in the people that God brings us. We do not strive to assemble a perfect band that will attract a certain type of people, but embrace the talents that God has assembled so that in the diversity of gifts and styles our unity in Christ might be displayed. The leaders work to emphasize the voices of the congregation and the content of the lyrics we sing together.


Women played a key role in the ministry of our Savior Jesus Christ. They followed him, provided great examples of his mercy on display, supported his ministry, were essential in his arrival and primary witnesses in his resurrection. Though we believe the role of pastor/elder is to be held by uniquely qualified men, we desire to elevate the value of women in ministry (i.e. service) as we together display and proclaim the gospel to a dying world.


Prayer Meetings

We desire to be a people who express our dependence upon God in prayer as regularly as possible. This means being prayerful in all things and specifically planning times to be gathered for group prayer on behalf of the church. The pastors pray regularly together for the flock and also lead corporate prayer efforts before Sunday worship and during the week. Contact the pastors to learn how you can pray with us.

Future Leaders

This endeavor is not about affirming the pastors in their ministry but exalting Christ through all the gifts of the people. We want Christ to be the focus through a diversity of leadership and we want this to continue long after we are gone. So we deliberately engage future potential leaders in one-on-one discipleship as well as dedicated theological and practical training through our School of Theology in order to raise up leaders to join us, replace us, and be sent out from us.