Partnership with Redemption

We have no illusions that this effort could be done by the strength of our will or the craft of our skill. Even to this point we have felt we have just been in the back seat of a wild ride that God leads. But we must maintain a spirit of partnership and teamwork. We are not in competition with other churches in Rochester. We are not trying to steal members or siphon resources. We would love to partner with multiple churches across denominations so that the power of the gospel would shine more clearly through the unity of Christ’s people in this city. We ask that you (individually or your church) join us in one of four ways:

1)    Prayer – commit to pray for Redemption City Church to reach people in this city in ways that are complementary to the existing witness.

2)    Financial – become a monthly supporter to make this vision become a reality.

To support us financially, follow this link: Online Giving

Your gifts are tax-deductible go fully to support the people's work at Redemption City Church.

3)    Membership – a church is not a vision or a building, it is people. Consider joining us or sending others to join us in this new and exciting work of God.

4)    Ministry Partnership – consider how we might come alongside you to partner with you in community outreach and ministry. No church can be everything to everyone, but together we can testify to God’s love for all peoples.