Our First Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Redemption City Church!

Before even becoming an official church God has blessed us in many ways. We are thankful this Christmas for the many people who have shown excitement about the work God is calling us to. We are grateful to God for the multiple churches who are partnering with us so we can begin serving his people and searching for his lost sheep. We are glad to have met so many wonderful people already and are thrilled to meet more new partners whom God has prepared for this very exciting time.

We have much to celebrate this Christmas as Redemption City Church. God has given us his only begotten Son who became one of us, suffered like one of us, felt the joys and sorrows of this life like one of us, and bore the wrath of God against our sin for us as one of us. He didn’t come into this world to show off his God powers, but to live by God’s Spirit as a perfect human as we have been unable and to die for the most guilty sinner as justice demands. From the moment the Spirit placed the Son of God in the Virgin Mary, Jesus began his earthly work of saving his people from the judgment and consequence of their sins. He would not stray from his mission. He would accomplish his work until he would cry out, “It is finished!”—that moment when the debt for all the sins of his people was paid in full.

Redemption City Church is greatly anticipating the new year that God will make in 2017. We are excited to see the first fruits of God’s blessing this Christmas grow into a great harvest as Redemption City Church grows from a vision, to a small group, to a thriving community of people worshiping Christ in all we do and blessing our neighbors with the love of Christ.

We are excited that from the beginning of the year we intend to be on mission for God and his people. On January 12th we will kick things off with a dinner gathering of all who want to hear more about our vision. In the weeks following we will begin meeting weekly as a core group to learn more about how God intends to use us for his purposes in Rochester. By March we hope to begin meeting a bit more formally on Sundays to put some practical work in toward our vision. And in the Fall of 2017 we intend to officially launch Redemption City Church for public worship of our kind and generous King.

2017 holds much excitement for us and we hope you will consider joining us for this joyful ride.